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We are a team of experienced business management consultants dedicated to helping your company reach its full potential. Our consulting services are tailored to your business needs and will help you achieve your goals. Click here to schedule a consultation and take your business to the next level.

Turnkey Projects

Be Great At What You Do​

Our Turnkey Projects service is the epitome of excellence in nutraceutical ventures. We provide an end-to-end, 'Bench to Bedside' approach, encompassing Business & Investment Advocacy with expert opinion that just works, robust support for Start-up Projects, and Strategic Alliances for global market expansion. Our consultancy is a beacon of strategic approach, guiding you through the dynamic nutraceutical landscape with unparalleled experience.


Identifying the potential Business units and Investing at the right time into the right business verticals​


Complete setup, building the business and monitoring the overall growth for start-ups. Setting up complete process flow of the business​


Identifying the right partners for building the business, forming strategic alliances and maintaining business alliances ​​


Key opinion that will work in favor of the business. Opinion that is a complete reliable solution​​​

Merger & Acquisition

Expert team: M&A assessments with precision, strategic insights, tailored solutions for unparalleled success in transactions.​​​

Strategic Advocacy

Insights To Improve Your Business​

At the forefront of nutraceutical innovation, our Strategic Advocacy offers world-class market research and intelligence, brand acquisition, and co-branding. We specialize in Business Development & Marketing Partnerships, delivering strategic, end-to-end solutions. Our approach includes impactful strategic presentations, risk mitigation, and expert import & export advice, ensuring your venture’s success in the competitive global market

Complete Due Diligence

Perfect Quest for a successful Business​

Our Complete Due Diligence service is a paragon of comprehensive evaluation in the nutraceutical industry. We provide world-class strategic, marketing, legal, scientific, and regulatory advocacy. Our approach ensures your business aligns with the highest standards, backed by our robust experience and strategic insight.


Bench To Bedside. Overall Strategy planning for the projects​


Diligent Market development campaigns. Guiding what works in the market ​​


Technical soundness of the product. Entire science building for the potential product​​


Due diligence on the basis of Regulatory guidelines and self compliance is the Key​​


Legal interpretations, Compliance, Interface with Law Experts, Prevention of Enforcement & Effective solutions to overcome constraints and barriers​​

Marketing & Communication

Building Right Communication​

Elevate your Nutraceutical brand with Nutraworks' comprehensive Marketing & Communication solutions. Our expertise spans both online and offline channels, ensuring a holistic approach to engage your audience. Through data-driven D2C strategies, we seamlessly blend digital and traditional marketing avenues, crafting compelling narratives that resonate with your target market.

Customer Pathway Mentoring

Channelizing The Right Flow Of Engagement ​

At Nutraworks, we take pride in our unique service offering known as Customer Pathway Mentoring. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in understanding the intricate needs of our customers, guiding them through a strategic & personalized journey that aligns with their preferences and requirements meeting their goals. With a keen focus on deciphering customer insights, we meticulously design and market products that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our Customer Pathway Mentoring goes beyond conventional strategies, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients from conceptualization, market success and monetization. Trust Nutraworks to navigate the intricate paths of customer needs and product development, delivering solutions that resonate with your target audience and just workz

Sourcing Advocacy

Right Ingredient, Right Product with the Right Partner ​

Our Sourcing Advocacy is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We offer bespoke ingredient/product in-licensing, identification of potential CMOs for strategic collaborations, and ensure top-notch formulation manufacturing. Our strategic sourcing arrangements and business deal negotiations are conducted with an unmatched level of expertise and experience.

Proprietary Concepts & Ideas

Innovation & Uniqueness is the New Ball Game ​

Our service in Proprietary Concepts & Ideas is the benchmark of innovation in the nutraceutical industry. We lead with world-class formulation development, new product concepts, innovative blends, and bespoke concept building. Each strategy is backed by our profound experience and advocacy, safeguarding your innovations with expert patent guidance.

Formulation Development Ideas​

New & Novel Product Concepts​​

Innovative Product Blends​​

Innovative Dosage Forms & Formats​​

Formulation Development Ideas​


CMO Development, Management & Mentoring

Developing & managing the resources Optimally is the key​

In our CMO Development, Management & Mentoring, we champion a strategic approach to foster growth and partnerships. Our service boasts world-class business development models, product portfolio management, and cutting-edge product idea development. We ensure your success with expert in-licensing of ingredients and products, alongside strategic technology partnerships.

Regulatory, Scientific & Technical Advocacy

Silent success factors of the Product ​

We lead the way in Regulatory, Scientific & Technical Advocacy, ensuring your products meet and exceed the highest standards. Our services encompass meticulous regulatory affairs management, advanced scientific project support, expert dossier compilation, and rigorous testing & compliances. Our proactive R&D advocacy sets a benchmark in the industry.

Categorization of Licenses- Health Supplement, Nutraceuticals, FSMP, Probiotics and others​

Facilitation of Regulatory filings for approval and Licensing. ​

Management of Nutraceutical Supplements CTD ​ Dossier compilation (Domestic & International)​

Guidance on Regulatory and Technical Documentations and compliances​

Representation of Key Aspects​​

Mandatory document compliances as per Rules & Regulations​​

Government Relations & Corporate Affairs

Developing The Right Contacts & Connect​

In Government Relations & Corporate Affairs, we navigate the intricate world of policy and regulation with unmatched expertise. Our services include strategic policy governance, proactive regulation monitoring and development, effective representation to authorities, efficient grievance handling & resolution, and strategic corporate gifting, ensuring seamless integration of your business with governmental frameworks.

Policy Governance​​

Regulation Monitoring and Development​

Representation to the Authorities​​​

Grievance handling & Resolution​​​

Strategic Corporate Gifting​​ Solution

New age approach

Digital is the New Normal​

In the dynamic landscape of marketing and branding, the new age approach for promoting nutraceutical products is undeniably digital. Leveraging the power of online platforms, social media, and targeted digital campaigns allows brands to engage with a wider audience, precisely target potential customers, and build a compelling online presence. The digital realm not only provides a versatile space for showcasing the unique attributes of nutraceutical products but also facilitates real-time interaction, customer feedback, and data-driven insights.

Content Marketing​​​

Use creative & original content for the purpose of generating brand awareness, traffic growth, lead generation & targeting customers.​​

Search Engine Optimization​​​​

Optimize our website to “rank higher” in search engine results pages to drive traffic to our company website.​

An Engaging Website​​​

For maximum impact, our site should be more responsive, up-to-date, user friendly and should represent our company very well.​​​

Email Marketing​​​​

Communicate with our audience and used to promote content, showcase discounts & events, and direct people toward our website​​

Social media Marketing​​​​

Social media is great way to promote our brand & our content to increase brand awareness, drive traffic & generate leads for our business.​​​

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)​​​​

Pay-per-click is a way to drive traffic to our website by paying a publisher every time our ad is clicked. Google AdWords is the most common type of PPC.​​​